Best management practices are the structural and non-structural controls implemented to help your construction project or industrial facility comply with NPDES permit requirements. The resources below will acquaint you with a number of stormwater pollution prevention BMPs that may be effectively applied to your project or site.

EPA Resources Best Management Practices for Stormwater

The EPA is the national authority for water quality standards and water pollution prevention, and as such makes available a number of resources for contractors and researchers, including:

National Menu of Best Management Practices for Stormwater

The menu of BMPs compiles practices based on the stormwater Phase II rule’s six minimum control measures:

  • Public education
  • Public involvement
  • Illicit discharge, detection and elimination
  • Construction
  • Post-construction
  • Pollution prevention/Good housekeeping

The menu includes factsheets and additional resources for each of the control measures.

International Stormwater BMP Database

This database includes information for contractors such as BMP performance analysis results and helps for BMP monitoring. The database also includes more than 350 studies and tools for researchers.

GeoPlatform Stormwater BMP Performance Database

This interactive map allows you to view how BMPs perform in different states and regions throughout the country.

Local Resource Best Management Practices for Stormwater

There are dozens of BMPs proven effective in reducing or eliminating stormwater pollution. However, not all BMPs are recommended or necessary for every project or site. Determining which ones you need is determined by a number of site-specific factors.

Superior StormWater Services, LLC in Albuquerque, NM has the engineering expertise and experience to help you identify the BMPs that will effectively and cost-effectively maintain compliance with NPDES permit requirements. Contact us for comprehensive stormwater pollution prevention solutions.

Cost-effective stormwater pollution prevention solutions

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